About us

The Foundation for Design Promotion was established in Gdańsk on 4 November 2017 to meet the pressing need to promote outstanding, sometimes unsung achievements of Polish design, its rich and compelling history, originality and celebrated personalities.

Our aim is to support the growth of Polish design and applied arts in general by working for both the entire design and manufacturing community, and for the ever growing number of customers in search for a well-designed space: objects, buildings, interiors and open spaces. We believe that the promotion of Polish design, artisanship, applied and visual arts guarantees the sustainable development of both the entire society and local communities. We believe that living in a well-designed, friendly and functional environment that is pleasing to the eye enhances people’s cultural competence and involvement, makes them more open and, on a personal level, is truly enjoyable. We believe in a deliberately democratised shared space which will not be synonymous with a junkyard mess, but a testament to a sense of community, responsibility, creativity and beauty that unleash civic energy and creativity to change both the immediate and communal environment.

Focusing on the traditions and achievements of Polish design, we aim to be a real game changer in promoting it at home and abroad, in order to tap into Polish artists’ creative potential in various spheres of life.

Our objective is to carry out this mission by presenting examples of the best design, match designers with manufacturers, support innovative projects and the youngest design artists, organise meetings, debates and consultations, run professional courses, workshops, trainings and seminars on theory, document and publish the achievements of Polish design. Our addressees are professionals, institutions, companies, colleges, students and the entire spectrum of fans of good design.